I got to ride the coolest bike ever today from Cadiz to Marbella. Winding my way through the white villages of Andalucia  in the scorching, oven like, heat of the unique southern Spanish sun.... getting lost, finding my way and getting lost again... riding the bike was more fun than taking notice of where i was going, So getting lost was a privilege. Riding through Grazalema, I felt like i was an alien visiting from mars in a new space ship. locals stopped and stared as if the truth was out.. but it was just me riding around ... lost... Ronda somehow emerged on a road sign out of the blue so i followed it and raced down to san pedro like a real amateur pretending to be Rossi..
The XR makes you have fun , whether you like it or not. whether it is posing for photos or revving the engine at the lights for kids on their bicycles.
Halfway down a generic off the shelf kamasukibeemer superbike passes me on a bend but i dont mind .... that bike is not mine... the real "Super" bike XR, for today, is. I am hoping i dont get in too much trouble because i did not take her back to Matt Black . i took her home and she is downstairs in the garage.. i get to ride her for a little bit longer....
would you like to spend time with her? pop down to matt Black in southern spain and see her for yourself.  
or you can can read all about the modifications here at JAY SPRINGSTEEN XR1200 TRIBUTE.                                                                                              



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  • Guest - Tobbe

    Great blog Dom. (Y) Thank you for sharing the experience.

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  • Guest - Anita Santiago Ruiz

    Fantastic bike and paint job. And a very entertaining story on the bike ride :)

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  • Guest - Stolyte

    Cheers a whole lot regarding placing some sort of awesome facts. I beloved the item specially the particular information attached along with light. I am a lot wanting to help make my nautical lights a vintage glimpse, to ensure that We gift the item to my friend’s birthday celebration gift. Good invention idea. Continue gentleman.

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