MATT BLACK CUSTOM DESIGNS  can now supply the whole range of BST wheels.

Whether you have a Harley Davidson, Ducati, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki we can provide Carbon fibre wheelsets to suit most models.

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Advantages of BST wheels?

  • The wheels are lighter... so the bike is lighter... so it's easier to handle - less fatigue
  • The wheels are lighter in the RIM and in the SPOKES - which lowers the Moment of Inertia
  • Better and lighter handling
  • Quicker response to the rider's commands
  • Faster acceleration
  • Quicker braking
  • Safer riding
  • Beautiful carbon fiber finish in high gloss


How does a BST wheel help improve Performance?

Weight saving on the BST wheels works like this:

  • The Outer Rim affects 85% of the overall performance of the wheel - we have made it lighter
  • The Spokes affect 10% of the overall performance of the wheels - we have made them lighter
  • The Hub center affects 5% of the overall performance of the wheels - we have made it lighter


We have reduced weight where it increases performance most - a feat which only our wheels can achieve because we are able to engineer with the material - Carbon Fiber. If you reduce weight in the CORRECT places, you save on rotational inertia - and physics takes care of the rest.

You can't help but perform better! The BST RACE wheels – Our LOSS is your GAIN!

Advantages of the BST carbon fiber RACE wheels:

  • The carbon part of the wheel is even lighter than the standard BST wheel
  • 11lbs lighter than the standard OEM wheels (Suzuki GSXR1000)
  • 5lbs lighter than forged magnesium wheels (GSXR1000)
  • Saving of more than 20% of Rotational Inertia over magnesium wheels
  • Hubs are durable - high strength treated 7075 aluminium

However the build was not all plain sailing.... the introduction of CAN BUS systems on recent Dyna street bobs has had custom builders sweating for hours over the electrical systems of their bikes. The "Problem Child" hearby gets her name. Step forward master harley davidson technician  Kurt Lohse. "We were in unchartered territory. Some days i would stare at schematics for hours to make a small adjustment that might not have worked!" so what was the problem. "The problem was getting the analogue parts of the electrical system to talk to the digital" i could tell he thought better of explaining it anymore than that. He could tell a technophobe when he saw one, "After about 100 hours of reading, soldering and testing we got it right" Anthony adds "we´re sure this was the first CAN BUS system on  a harley davidson to be modified to accept aftermarket controls" 


So which controls are worth all this fuss... Rebuffini is an Italian company producing highly innovative and stylish parts for harley davidsons that really stand out from the crowd. Black anodized 3D machined aluminium hand controls, mirrors and headlamp finish off a high quality front end from NLC.  The innovation does not stop there. German instrument makers Moto Gadget supplied their award wining M-blaze Led indicator cones and a classy analogue style speedo.    The gas tank was hand made by the crew at Matt Black and was treated to a coat of deep gloss candy red and a few finishing touches like the Performance Machine contrast cut 2" belt drive with BDL internals and the Matt Black battery box set off a truly fabulous bike. All this for ............. dont ask! 

words D.KELLY